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Reading The Radiation

2012 was a great year for crowdfunded projects, with 2013 promising to bring even bigger and better projects to the public eye.

With companies such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo leading the way for interested consumers to help fund tech gadgets and devices with their own money, we’ve seen some pretty cool things come from crowdfunding.

One of the more successful projects we’d like to highlight is the Safecast Geiger Counter. This pint-sized, lightweight and affordable device was created in response to the tragedy at the Japanese Fukishima Nuclear Reactor a couple of years ago.

Safecast created the geiger counter for civilian use, and hope to spread them across the globe.

On the company’s website, they state that, “Safecast is a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environment.” Their desire is that people will collect, download, and share data with others in their area, so that disasters such as the one that occurred at the Fukishima plant may be either averted, or controlled.

Using the Safecast device, activists and concerned citizens could scan for radiation levels in their area and alert officials if dangerous amounts are detected. According to Safecast, the more reports that come in regarding certain areas with high radiation, the more accurately the emergency services can respond.

This device by Safecast represents a growing interest in creating a network of public assistance and getting people to actively participate in their community. The devices are small and affordable, which means every house could potentially have one available to use. Residents who live near nuclear reactors or government test sites would greatly benefit from owning one of these geiger counters.

In the near future, we will begin to see more and more community-oriented tech gadgets and devices become available for public purchase.

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