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EV Charging Stations

With the recent influx of electric vehicles by carmakers such as Nissan, Chevy, Tesla, and others, the question of charging the vehicles still remains.

Each car comes equipped with a charging system to plug your car in at home, but what about refueling on the road?

Tesla in 2012 promised to build a national electric car charging network.

Their array of superchargers would spread across the nation on the biggest highways, and would be available for anyone with Tesla’s Model S electric vehicle. However, each station would charge your vehicle for free.

Nissan also has big plans for their new fleet of electric vehicles, specifically their Leaf model. The carmaker has pledged to build 500 electric vehicle Fast-Charge stations across the U.S. within the next 18 months. It would triple the current EV charging infrastructure, which sits at around 160 stations right now.

Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of electric vehicle marketing, said, “We envision a quick-charging network that links communities and neighborhoods where people live, work, shop, and socialize.” He went on to  state that, with this move, “Nissan furthers its commitment to bringing electric vehicles to markets throughout the United States.”

Nissan’s charging station development would initially focus on dealership locations, workplaces, and local neighborhoods. It is unknown if Nissan will follow Tesla’s footsteps and let the public charge their vehicles for free. While obviously expensive for Tesla, their gesture for car owners goes a significantly long way towards promoting electric vehicles, and will definitely help with the wider adoption of EV’s.

The next few years are expected to be important for electric vehicle growth, and could make or break the movement.

A national array of electric charging stations is crucial for expanding EV’s to the wider public, and it’s great to see Nissan and Tesla leading the charge.

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