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Case of Bass Providing a Cool Way to Upcycle Tunes

They have deemed it an anti-earbud movement with style.

Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt, brothers and business partners, have found a creative way to reuse tossed out suitcases, train boxes, speakers and electrical components.

And what is even better than an upcycling project is one that ends up with a dual duty purpose.

Located in Portland, Oregon, their brainchild, Case of Bass, offers musical reincarnations of the carrying case. They refurbish discarded cases and turn them into sound systems, complete with inner audio workings powered by lightweight, rechargeable battery packs. They only resort to using new materials and electronics when worthy older ones are not available.

Their portable designs are unlike any in the world of refurbishing, as products like old sound systems and beat up cases often just get tossed out. More than a recycling venture, although their unique vision has no doubt saved some heaping piles from a life in the landfill, but they also have a goal to reunite people with the idea of music sharing – that back in the day feeling, when music was seemingly more communal, something to be shared and celebrated and not always confined to tiny, not so great for your hearing, central ear speakers.

Looking at the cases, they are energized works of art.

Just the visual is pretty amazing, but don’t think they skimp on the internal. By taking classic audio and stereo components, which were made a lot differently than mass marketed versions, they are able to replicate a high quality sound.

“This is why we use classic electronic components in our building. We can tell from the moment we crack open an old stereo it is built better than one you might find on the shelves…”

Their evolution of suitcases turned boom boxes is an upcycled delight.

Have music, will travel.

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