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Why Move to Electric?

Are electric cars the future?

If you are a person that likes to save money or the environment, gas powered vehicles are not for you.  Only the electric alternative will save you money on a regular basis and help protect our environment.

One advantage of an electric car is the complete nonexistent emissions.  A full electric vehicle will not have an exhaust system, fuel tank or muffler.  Another great thing about electric vehicles is how they use absolutely no fossil fuels under the hood.  The rechargeable battery is just an added benefit to owning an electric car.  As is the smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride.

Another advantage to owning an electric powered vehicle is the upgraded technological side of things.  The maintenance is much less than when the electric car first hit the scene.  With less parts and more space to mover around under the hood, the common problem becomes an easy fix.  And since the electric car takes less wear and tear than the gas powered engine and connecting parts, you won’t be spending much time under the hood.

The technology has improved enough for your eco-friendly vehicle to travel up to 100 miles before needing to fill up again.  That makes this an ideal fit for a drive to work, school, and band or soccer practice.  As an added bonus electric car charging stations are starting to pop up more and more at places of work, stores, and schools.  Now charging the battery back to full strength is quick and easy.

Lastly, the current federal tax credit is another incentive for people to choose an electric car over a gas guzzling, gas powered vehicle.  The normal tax rebate for buying an electric car is $7,500.  Plus, you won’t be spending as much money for fuel or the mechanic and you will be contributing to protecting our environment from harmful wastes.

So, what color car would you like?

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