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Solar Power on a Canal

Gujarat, a State in India known for its medium and small scale industries is becoming a front-runner of clean energy compared to other states and recently a canal-topped solar power plant was inaugurated under its visionary chief minister Narendera Modi.

This dual purpose project has grabbed the attention of the internet and other media sources recently making it trending news. This plant can generate 1 MW of power and the beauty is that it doesn’t require any land for solar panels!

The entire solar panel is constructed above a 750 meter canal which passes through remote village of chandrasan. The entire cost of the project is 175 billion INR and it’s carried out by US based company Sun  Edison.

The project solves two problems at the same time. Power, which is in great demand every day, is met by the solar panel. At the same time the 9 million litres of water (which evaporates every year from the canal) is prevented as the solar panel absorbs all the heat preventing heating of water.

The power produced from this plant is provided to the state via Uttar Gujarat Vidyut Corporation Limited’s grid.

“The trial run of the plant indicates that solar panels here could produce 15 percent more power compared to conventional installations as the water flowing under the panels keeps them relatively cool,” said GSECL MD Gurdeep Singh.

The entire length of this canal is 19,000 km and if even 10% of it is used for these types of projects it could generate 2,500 MW of clean energy annually. The project eliminates the need for land, which is currently a big problem in installing and using solar based power generations.

An 850 KW of peak energy production has been recorded from this plant, at the same time saving water from evaporating as it travels the 19,000 km length of the canal.

Currently the cost of the project is too high to be affordable but the pilot plant has proved successful.




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