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Build a Recycled Eco Quadcopter

Build a Recycled Eco Quadcopter

Image source: www.instructables.com

Not too long ago, we had to settle with remote controlled vehicles that had a cord connecting it to the controller, and they were restricted to rolling across the ground (and it had to be level ground, too, or they got stuck).

Then we got the next generation of all-terrain remote controlled cars and trucks, which used wireless controls and could tackle difficult driving surfaces.  The first remote controlled helicopters able to fly and hover on command came along just recently, and then a more robust version, the quadcopter, which uses four motors to lift and maneuver the vehicle, is seeing service these days as not just a toy, but also a remote monitoring or surveillance device.

DIY “drones” and quadcopters are popping up all over, and this project, from a teenager in a technical school, shows how to build one using recycled and repurposed components. KT-AZ says that her current area of focus is law, public safety and government policy, and that the development of this quadcopter arose from her interest in the possible effects that drones could have on our lives with their introduction into our society.

“As I began designing this, my first quad copter, I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve. First my multi-rotor must be watertight, since I want to fly it over water, as well as land. Therefore, I needed to consider the materials for the fuselage, as well as those that would connect the body parts together. Obviously, my quad copter must also be buoyant, so again material composition, as well as the weight of each part, needed to be considered. Finally, I wanted to be able to fly the quad copter at night and have it be discoverable, if it were lost in a wooded area with dense foliage, so my lighting choices were also important.” – AZ-Eco Quad

The AZ-Eco Quad is built from recycled ice tea bottles, a peanut container, zip ties, Shoe Goo, pickle jar lids, and some PVC connectors, and KT-AZ has a lot of photos and detailed instructions at Instructables: Build Your Own Eco-Quad Copter from Reused and Recycled Materials

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