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Budderfly Offers Enterprise Energy Management

Budderfly Offers Enterprise Energy Management

Image source: budderfly.com

Being able to measure the energy use in a commercial building or business environment can lead to less waste and smarter use, and thereby lower the operating costs, but without an enterprise-wide solution, it can be difficult to determine exactly what and when the individual demands for electricity are, in order to best manage them.

One solution is Budderfly, a cloud-based energy management system that the company refers to as being “like bringing the smart grid into your enterprise, all without modifying your existing wires.”

Budderfly was designed to help businesses and building managers measure, manage, and control their energy use, from lights to devices to outlets to individual devices, in order to optimize and automate the building’s energy system. According to their website, energy use could be cut by as much as 40% by using Budderfly.

“Budderfly is great for both existing buildings and new construction projects. Budderfly’s primary function is to help eliminate your wasted energy and manage your energy expense. Our approach incorporates increased visibility, lighting and plug load automation, demand response, and many other strategies to help you reach your goal.”

The web platform allows administrators to view, analyze, or manage their system without needing any other software, and the system’s built-in alert functionality can be configured to notify the manager when a condition is met (i.e. a big power draw).

Budderfly uses a series of “smart” adapters for outlets, switches, HVAC units, etc., as well as devices such as occupancy sensors. The devices send and receive their data and controls via the existing wiring, so installation does not require any additional wiring, and is said to be “hassle-free”.

An online demo of the platform is available by request at Budderfly.

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