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Bristol Seeks Input on Low Carbon Future

Bristol Seeks Input on Low Carbon Future

Image source: futurebristol.co.uk

The city of Bristol, UK, is seeking input and engagement on the question of what it means to become a “low carbon city” through a new interactive website that presents users with two different future scenarios.

After a four-year research project by Dr Rose Bailey at University of the West of England, which explored how Bristol could meet a carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050, two different schemes, Scenario X and Scenario Y, were introduced in February 2013.

According to Future Bristol,

This project seeks to engage the public in what it means for Bristol to be a “low carbon city”, enabling everyone to have their say and help shape the future that we want to see. The aims are to:

  • Engage the public and raise awareness about what a low carbon future means
  • Find out how people feel about two different potential futures, which features are desirable and which we want to avoid
  • Start a public discussion about how Bristol can become a low carbon city, and gather opinions, thoughts and new ideas

The two scenarios are similar in some aspects, and divergent in others, with the low carbon focus serving as some of the common ground between the two. Scenario X seems to be more of a high-tech adaptation, with less of a focus on changing the overall habits and needs of the city than Scenario Y, which is said to be more focused on shifting the way that we live instead of keeping it “business as usual” and looking to tech solutions to make the difference.

“It’s been really interesting. Pretty much everyone says that they prefer Scenario Y, which is the more low-tech, sustainable, resilient future. It’s much more about re-localizing the way that we live.” – Rose Bailey

Check out the Future Bristol site and vote for your favorite ideas.

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