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BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar Boasts 113 MPG

BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar Boasts 113 MPG

Image source: bmwgroup.com

Following the announcement of the BMW i3’s launch in 2014, the second in the company’s i series is a plug-in hybrid sportscar, boasting a dual drive system and a whopping 113 mpg fuel rating.

The BMW i8, currently a prototype, but expected to be the second production car in the company’s alternative drive series, features a TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder gas engine powering the rear wheels, and the eDrive system, with a compact electric motor driving the front wheels. Both drive systems can be engaged for more aggressive cornering and handling, in essence becoming an all-wheel drive sportscar.

“The BMW i8 is the first BMW production model to be powered by a three-cylinder petrol engine. This highly turbocharged unit is equipped with latest-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. It is exceptionally compact and develops maximum power of 170 kW/231 hp. The resulting specific output of 113 kW/154 hp per litre of displacement is on a par with high-performance sports car engines and is the highest of any engine produced by the BMW Group.”

The i8 will offer a fully-electric range of about 22 miles, with a top speed of 75 mph, or a combined range of over 300 miles, with sprint times of 4.5 seconds to 100 km/h.

BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sportscar Boasts 113 MPG

Image source: bmwgroup.com

According to BMW,

“Calculated using the EU test cycle for plug-in hybrid vehicles, the average fuel consumption of the BMW i8 at model launch will be less than 2.5 litres/100 km (over 113 mpg) with CO2 emissions of less than 59 grams per kilometre.” – BMW

The i8 is expected to be somewhere in the $120,000 range when it finally goes into production.

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