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Bladeless Wind Generator Has No Moving Parts

Most modern wind generators take the form of the classic windmill configuration, which is a tried and true setup incorporating large spinning blades that then spin a generator for electricity production.

But a new type of wind generator from researchers at TU Delft doesn’t have any moving parts at all.

The device, called the EWICON (Electrostatic WIndenergy CONvertor), was developed by a pair of researchers, Johan Smit and Dhiradj Djairam, and is said to be able transform the energy of the wind into electricity, without using any mechanical moving parts.

It appears that this generator is a variation on the Kelvin water dropper, which uses charged particles (water drops) to create energy.

Gizmag describes it this way:

“The current design consists of a steel frame holding a series of insulated tubes arranged horizontally. Each tube contains several electrodes and nozzles, which continually release positively-charged water particles into the air. As the particles are blown away, the voltage of the device changes and creates an electric field, which can be transferred to the grid for everyday use.”

The details and specs of the design weren’t available online, but this video explains the idea behind the EWICON:

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