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Bitponics is Your Virtual Gardening Assistant

Bitponics is Your Virtual Gardening Assistant

Image source: www.bitponics.com

If you want to grow some of your own food, but have no garden space outdoors, one option that’s getting more and more attention these days is hydroponic gardening, which is a perfect fit for small indoor spaces.

Not that long ago, hydroponic gardening was considered by many people to be too technical or too complex to set up and run on their own, so it hasn’t seen wider adoption yet, except in certain circles. But growing in this way can yield much better results, and much faster growth, than planting in a pot filled with soil, so we’re starting to see more and more options for ‘plug ‘n play’ hydroponics systems and components.

One such device is Bitponics, which could be a key element in setting up and maintaining a hydroponics garden that will thrive. The device, which recently hit its crowdfunding target on Kickstarter, acts as a personal gardening assistant by serving as the monitoring hub for sensors in a hydroponics setup.

Bitponics monitors the air and water temperature, humidity, pH, and the brightness of the light the plants are receiving. An additional component can purchased as a sensor for the electrical conductivity of the growing solution, in order to be able to measure the nutrient concentration.

The device collects the sensor readings and uploads them to an online Biponics account (manual logging is also possible, as is photo uploading), where users can generate a growing plan, which is specific to the user’s setup. Once the growing plan is in place, any data from the Bitponics sensors that deviate from the accepted levels will trigger an alert (and a possible fix). Bitponics also features two power outlets that can be configured to control lights or pumps on a timed basis, adding another level of automation to the hydroponics setup.

“The Bitponics Base Station connects to your WiFi network and sends real-time sensor readings to the Bitponics Cloud. The Bitponics Cloud runs your personal Grow Plan, the blueprint for a full season of garden care. It monitors your sensors, automatically turns connected accessories on & off, and notifies you when to take action.

Manage your garden from any web browser. See real-time sensor data, control your accessories and swap tips with everyone in the Bitponics community.”

Bitponics is said to be launching this summer, and if you’re interested, you can sign up to be notified of product updates at their website.

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