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Biofuel to Power 1/3 of Cars in Sweden by 2030

As part of an investigation into how the country of Sweden can wean their fuel needs for transportation away from fossil fuels, a study found that it would be possible to power one out of every three cars by biofuel made within the country.

Researchers submitted a study, The Production of Today’s and Future Sustainable Biofuels, to the government investigation outlining their discovery that the country could increase its biofuel production to as much as 25-35 terawatt hours (TWh) annually, using mainly the residue left from forestry projects or agricultural waste.

The current biofuel production level in Sweden has been estimated at just three TWh, out of a total energy supply of 616 TWh (of which, 96 TWh is used for transportation needs).

The study didn’t recommend a particular type of biofuel or feedstock to achieve higher production levels, but instead stressed that the production systems should be environmentally sound, and adapted to local conditions, in order to get the best “well-to-tank” efficiency and life-cycle.

“A key recommendation by the authors is thus for policy-makers not to favour a certain type of biofuel, but rather look at the efficiency of each production systems in a local context and notably for added value when several energy products are produced together.

For instance, co-production of biofuels and combined heat and power, or ethanol with food crops or animal feed, can be cost efficient. In any case, the production should be adapted to local conditions after an assessment of economic, environmental and social aspects on a case-by-case basis.” – Bio4Energy

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