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2013 Inventions: The Year So Far

We’re just over halfway through the year 2013, and it’s been a fantastic run so far for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Looking back, we’ve created a short list of our favorite products to come out this year.

A Cardboard Bicycle


Image source: www.popsci.com

For $30 dollars, this eco-friendly bike can be yours. It was a DIY project created by Izhar Gafni back in 2009. Gafni wanted to work on innovating his favorite past time: bicycling. He began experimenting with folding cardboard into stronger shapes and sizes, constructing and designing the various materials he’d need to create a workable cardboard bike, and testing his invention.

The bicycle can support a rider up to 20 times the bike’s weight of 28 pounds. The project cost Gafni over $250,000 to create, and he intends on mass-producing his bike for children and adults.

An Electric Airplane Kit


Image source: www.wired.com

Folks, the future is finally here. You can literally go out and build your very own sustainable, electric airplane for the (extremely) reasonable price of $40,000. Sure, it’s definitely not chump change, but if you can afford the price, the plane will practically pay for itself in a few years.

The Nokia Phone That Never Dies


Image source: www.nokia.com

Ok, so the title’s a bit sensational, but it’s almost true. Nokia created a budget phone that lasts 48 days on standby with just a single charge. It offers 17+ hours of talk time, and and 56 hours of musical playback. I don’t know about your song libraries, but that’s long enough to play mine a couple times over, again, with just a single charge.

Right now, Nokia hasn’t discussed availability in the United States, but we’re fairly certain it’s coming.

3-D Printers


Image source: www.gizmag.com

An assorted variety of new 3-D printers hit the market this year, with prices varying from higher-end $5,000 models to budget $200 models. This is the year for the DIY creator in us all. Save your money for a few weeks (or months), and go get yourself one. They’re fairly simple to unbox and begin, and you can find tons of user tutorials online.

The Pebble Smartwatch


Image source: www.forbes.com

This eco-friendly and fashion-savvy product became publicly available for purchase a few months ago. The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the best Kickstarter success stories we’ve heard, and is definitely worth the price of $150. It’s basically an extension of your smartphone. You can read emails, text messages, tweets, listen to music, and more, all from the watch.

Of course, it also functions wonderfully as a regular ol’ watch, with a terrific battery life, a great screen, and customizable clock faces.

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