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The Green Way to Get Around Town

Gas prices are getting higher, roads are more crowded, and we continue to pollute.

So, how do we change these things you ask?  It’s simple; drive less and ride more.

There are many benefits of using public transportation.  Public transportation is safe for all ages and the public transportation system operates efficiently.

Public transportation is safer than personal vehicles, more affordable, convenient and good for the environment.  Being convenient and good for the environment makes this form of transportation a smarter choice.

Public transportation offers many advantages that will lead to a better quality of life.  It reduces the number of cars on the road and in parking lots.  It also helps improve air quality, cuts down on traffic congestion, and reduces air pollution.

According to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Americans take 10 billion trips on public transportation per year.  This number increases annually, but so does our population.  Those traveling by bus or train also help those not riding.  More transportation systems are using alternative fuels reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants.

Public transportation is also much safer.  The FTA takes many different measures to ensure the safety of their riders.  They have deputies check on or ride the bus and rail systems.  Trained sniffing dogs patrol transit hubs.  Most, if not all, buses and trains have surveillance cameras on the ride and at the stations.

Now that you’re safe and saving the environment, lets save some money.

According to a new study by the American Public Transportation Association, the average public transportation rider can save $9,242 per year by not driving a personal vehicle.  Those numbers are based on the average costs for a gallon of gas and parking rates.  That is not including vehicle maintenance.

Households that use public transportation and own one car or fewer can save more than $10,000 annually.  It provides an affordable, necessary alternative to driving.

More than 7,700 organizations provide public transportation in the United States.  It is a $54 billion industry that provides over 400,000 jobs and every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns.

It’s time that we all need to start helping the world and helping ourselves.


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