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Reasons For Electric Cars

Electric cars were dominant in the late 19 and 20th century until the internal combustion engine was invented and gasoline was mass produced. Due to the recent petrol price hike and the limited availability of fossil fuels, electric cars have again grabbed the attention of many. The following are some reasons why you should consider buying an electric car.

Electric cars contribute to health and the environment: As they use electricity as fuel, there are zero emissions. In fact electric cars don’t even have a tailpipe. By driving an electric car you are creating a healthy and quality environment.

Green charging: You can make your electric car even greener by charging via solar panels. You simply hook it up  and can even charge your car at home for free!. These kinds of solar panel charging stations are ever-increasing due to the demand for electric cars.

Better torque: If someone says electric car doesn’t have enough speed or torque they are insane. You can enjoy a super-fast ride with your electric car.

Fuel costs: This is of course the main advantage of an electric car. With oil prices swinging every minute you enjoy a stable fuel cost. The costs of fuel with an electric car are lower than gasoline-powered vehicles in any country.

Noise free: Electric cars are very quiet; no more annoying the neighbours with the roar of gasoline-run engines. You keep the environment peaceful and relatively noise-free by using an electric car. However, for safety purposes they are designed to make some noise, but they are 100% customizable.

Cheaper: Apart from fuel saving, electric cars are generally cheaper to buy compared to gasoline powered cars. However this factor depends on the price and availability of electricity in your country and your driving efficiency, but overall you save money by buying and using an electric car.

Alternative fuel: With only minimal fossil fuels remaining, you’ll be a step ahead by using an eco-friendly vehicle and many countries even offer subsidies for those people using electric cars.

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