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Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

Capturing and creating sounds, Beatrix*JAR is a band comprised of 2 interesting musical artists.

Bianca Pettis, also known as Beatrix, and Jacob Aaron Roske, or JAR, have combined music and recycling to come up with an inventive collection of sounds turned into songs.

The sound performance artists collect and customize recycled children’s toys and musical instruments and turn them into circuit bent mechanisms that produce unique sounds. Circuit bending is the process of altering the circuit board system of a battery operated instrument or keyboard, causing it to emit various experimental sounds.

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

In addition to live concerts, they offer workshops on sound collages and audio play sessions. Their projects also include creative sound art installations that incorporate community involvement.

An example of one of their collaborative installations is in consortium with the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. An event is scheduled that will use their customized equipment and combine them with participants’ voices to create an assembly of musical recordings. The sessions, which are only open to teenagers, will be placed online and performed live with the band.

Their imaginative music has been recognized with multiple awards, and they have released 3 albums to date.

Exploring different themes of sound art and circuit bending like science, recycling and electronics, they take conventional songs and turn them upside down with their upcycled instruments.

Check out the process of instrument review:

Watch the band in action:

Perhaps what makes their sound art even more intriguing is that the pair also performs in life as husband and wife.

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

A statement from the artists shows their creative attitude:

Our approach to work is Play. We create exciting electronic sound collage utilizing modified battery-powered children’s toys, AM radios paired with flash cameras and found sounds.

Listen to some of their musical library in their retrospective.

They have also put up a free digital album available for download called Art​*​Star.

Beatrix*JAR Mixes Music, Recycling and Good Vibes

All images and video are from Beatrix*JAR.

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