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Australia to Build First CO2 Capture Plant for Algae Biofuel

Australia to Build First CO2 Capture Plant for Algae Biofuel

Image source: algaetec.com.au

In what’s considered to be the world’s first on-site carbon emissions capture program at a coal-fired power plant, a facility built by Algae.tec will turn some of the plant’s waste carbon dioxide emissions into an enclosed algae growth system for producing biofuel.

The power company, Macquarie Generation, is one of the largest in the world and now could be one of the most forward-thinking, thanks to an agreement with Algae.tec that will allow an on-site algae facility next to the 2640MW Bayswater power station. Algae.tec will use the CO2 emitted from the power station to feed its algae systems, which produce algal oil that is further processed into biodiesel and grade A jet fuel.

Currently, Bayswater puts out about 19 million tons of CO2 each year, and the pilot project will begin to capture about 270,000 tons of it, scaling up to about 1.3 million tons over the next few years.

“Carbon is now our single largest cost. This technology should reduce our carbon output, reduce our carbon bill, and at the same time improve our bottom line.” – Russell Skelton, Macquarie Generation CEO and Managing Director

Algae.tec, which promotes itself as being able to produce “low cost, high grade sustainable fuel oil from algae”, uses an enclosed modular high-yield non-GMO algae-to-biofuels bioreactor system that is fed with waste C02 and sunlight, which produces a fuel designed to be a cost-competitive drop-in replacement fuel.

The new project promises to be not only good for the environment, but also good for local renewable energy markets and for the local job market.

“At a time when all the petroleum refining capacity is closing down in New South Wales, this is the beginning of an era of renewable fuel which can be ‘grown’ in the state and can substitute imported petroleum products.” – Roger Stroud, Algae.tec Executive Chairman

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