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Australia Launches Clean Energy Map

Australians who are curious about clean and renewable energy in their country now have an easy way to investigate the projects currently in place there, thanks to a new clean energy map.

The Clean Energy Map, from the Australian government, covers over 1200 projects that cover renewable energy, energy efficiency and pollution-reduction across 16 different government initiatives. The interactive map categorizes the projects by type, and allows users to search the full map or use GPS (or their postcode) to find projects near them.

“The Clean Energy Map features outcomes from measures such as the Renewable Energy Target, but also specific initiatives including clean technology, energy efficiency, and on-the-land based programs.

The Clean Technology Programs alone are helping fund over 220 projects and will generate over $331 million of investment in new capital equipment and save Australian manufacturers more than $30 million a year in reduced operating costs.”

According to Clean Energy Future, the government is helping to “secure a prosperous, clean and healthy Australia for future generations”, largely funded by the introduction of a carbon price.

“The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future package is an important environmental and economic reform. It established a carbon price to drive and fund renewable energy, develop new technologies Australian industries can excel in, protect the environment and support communities and businesses.”

Explore Australia’s Clean Energy Map.

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