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Apple Meets With Tesla; Proposes New Ventures

Over the span of the past 18 or so months, Apple has been meeting with Tesla, and reportedly considered purchasing the electric car company.

Tesla, a pioneer in the automotive industry, won Motor Trend’s Car of The Year award in 2013, bringing them to the forefront of eco technology. Apple, listed as the 4th greenest company by the EPA, appears to be looking at expanding their foray into the ecological market.

Among the news of the important meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple is reportedly looking into the development of technology that could predict heart attacks.

Roughly 600,000 people in the U.S. die each year from heart attacks, which accounts for 1/4 of every person who dies annually. How many of those deaths could have been prevented by forehand knowledge remains to be seen, but Apple is determined to provide that answer.

So what would an Apple-Tesla merger look like? Well, for starters, it would be very expensive. Tesla has evolved from an upstart competitor in a world dominated by General Motors, Ford, Honda, and others, to become a serious headache for oil companies.

Over the next few years, they’ll be expanding their line of “Super chargers” alongside California highways to provide added coverage for Model S owners. This will undoubtedly result in more customers for Tesla, and more temptation for Apple to buy the company.

Apple has defined the mobile generation since the reveal of the iPod and then the iPhone. They know a thing or two about entertainment and media consumption, as well as connectivity between iPhones, iPads, and peripherals, which today, include automobiles.

An Apple-equipped Model S would be an amazing vehicle to behold, and we might yet see one in the near future. Until then, this remains as healthy speculation. Will they or won’t they? Two giants in the eco-friendly industry merging into one super power could be great for everyone.

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