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App Translates Energy Use into Wasted Money

Sometimes, all you need in order to change your behavior is to have a different perspective on it, and this new app wants to do that with your relationship with energy.

Because electricity use is sort of invisible (except for the bill you get every month), it can be hard to visualize wasteful home energy habits, which not only use precious resources and produce pollution, but also cost money.

Helping users track and understand their own electricity consumption is the aim of What’s On, an app currently in development.

The app presents checklists to the users (with common values pre-set) so they can simply tick off the appliances they have on at any given moment, and by doing so, will take energy use ‘snapshots’ on a daily and monthly basis.

These snapshots allow users to translate their electricity use into money by using location-specific energy costs for those devices that are on, so they can see for themselves what their habits cost them.

What’s On can also send daily push notifications to users, asking them “What’s On?” at their home, reminding them to be aware of their energy habits, and show users the ‘vampire’ or phantom energy used by many appliances, even when dormant. According to Good, the app could also take advantage of new wireless smart home technology in the future, making it possible to control appliances remotely.

The folks behind the app (which is a product that came out of Good’s Hacking Energy Culture hackathon), are looking for iOS developers to help build it out to a releasable version, so if that’s you, contact What’s On.

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