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App Saves 27% on Home Heating Costs

This App Optimizes Home Heating

Image source: www.tado.com

We may think that the smart home of the future will eventually spring into existence, fully finished and integrated and built from the ground up to be wired and optimized, but the reality is that it will probably happen bit by bit, as the technology and hardware get cheaper and easier to install.

And in that case, the smart home is getting closer and closer every day, with more new interconnected gadgets and appliances hitting the market, and more home automation solutions, such as this one, which is billed as an “intelligent heating app”.

This App Optimizes Home Heating

Image source: tado.com

tado° is not just an app, as the system also includes a “smart box” that replaces your home thermostat, but the app is where all of the action is. The tado° app uses your physical location to determine when and how to heat your home, so when you’re home, it’s keeping the temperature comfortable for living. If you’re not there, you’re not spending a bunch of money heating an empty house. It also allows for the system to pre-heat your home before you arrive, so you’re not entering a cold home and waiting for it to warm up to be comfortable.

“Your smartphone automatically sends information to the Box over the internet about when and how to heat your home, depending on where you are. All you need to do is install the tado App on your smartphone. What’s more, you can keep an eye on your energy usage wherever you are, and manually control it if you wish.”

The app also checks the weather forecast for you, so that when a sunny day is predicted, tado° turns down the heating and lets the sun warm up your home. It also “learns” about the heating qualities of the home, so it can more precisely control the temperature and energy usage. The company claims that users can save up to 27% on their heating costs with the system.

Find out more at tado°.

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