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An Aquaponic Farm in a Shipping Container

An Aquaponic Farm in a Shipping Container

Image source: growup.org.uk

To showcase what can be done for local food production in an urban setting anywhere in the city, Kate Hofman and Tom Webster built a combination vertical farm and aquaponics system into an upcycled shipping container, called the GrowUp Box.

“We want to show how fresh food can be grown anywhere in the city in a way that is ecologically sustainable and commercially scalable. For us, aquaponics is the technology that can make that vision a reality – by producing fresh fish and vegetables in a recirculating farming system.” – GrowUp Box

With the help of some crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the GrowUp Box became a reality, and features a greenhouse for vertical growing on top of the shipping container, and tanks for keeping tilapia fish underneath. The launch for the GrowUp Box was held at the Chelsea Fringe Festival in May, and it’s hoped that the “farm in a box” model can serve as an example for reclaiming unused spaces in the city for sustainable food production.

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