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Americans are clueless about fracking

What is fracking, exactly? Is it another way to drop the “f-word”, used in the popular television show Battlestar Galactica? Or is it a controversial drilling method?

If you already knew anything about how fracking is related to drilling, then congratulations–you’re ahead of the curve. A new survey initiated by researchers at Oregon State, George Mason, and Yale showed that 58% of Americans had no idea what fracking was. Only about 9% of those surveyed answered that they’d heard “a lot” about fracking, while the majority answered that they didn’t have an opinion on the subject.

In the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Oklahoma, fracking has even allegedly caused minor earth quakes, due to the stress on the land that the process causes. If you’re still unsure which side of the fence you stand, here’s a very short, very simple video explaining just what fracking is:

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