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Image source: www.blog.thesietch.org

Fuel prices continue to soar and along with the cost of insurance and maintenance, many people are finding driving a car more of a hassle than a pastime.

Riding a bike will certainly save money on gas and give you a great cardiovascular workout while doing so.

Choose your bike wisely. Do you live in the flatlands? A leisure or cruise bike is good for flat surfaces and provides a smooth journey. If you live in the rigid backsides of the country or in a city with many hills, you may want to pursue mountain bikes.

Invest in a security lock for your bike. Most are simple U-shapes but you may choose from a wide variety depending on whether you’d feel safer with high tech locks that provide fort Knox security. If leaving your bike in a public area, try to let it rest where there is more pedestrian traffic, this makes it harder for someone to steal it without getting caught.

Also look out for any construction going on in your city that may block your path. Mapping out your route will also ensure accuracy and enable you to see how far you will be traveling on your bike.

Most people can tread 9-12 miles an hour on bike. If you have a backpack or messenger bag handy, you might pack an extra shirt to bring along incase the trip causes you to sweat. A reusable water bottle is also nice to have on hand as you want to keep hydrated.

If you haven’t a bike, buses and light rail systems are other means of travel provided by cities and an increasing number of towns. You can call or check your local transit’s website for information on bus fare. Sometimes it is cheaper to purchase a weekly or monthly pass.

Light Rail

Image source: www.parracity.nsw.gov.au

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