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Is Air An Alternative?

Rising fuel costs, pollution and inefficiency are just a few problems with conventional vehicles.

Green transportation is becoming progressively more important as older ways of getting around are no longer the best option. Though not mainstream, air powered transport is a captivating way to travel.

Tata, a car company in India has constructed a curious air powered vehicle called the AirPod in collaboration with technology developers, Motor Development International (MDI).

Is Air An Alternative?

Image source: flickr.com/photos/plushev/3332703134

Running completely on compressed air, it has acceleration capabilities of about 43 miles per hour. It has been designed as an affordable option for commuters in crowded cities and as a nonfuel transportation alternative as it ‘fills up’ via an air compressor.

To see the zippy thing in action, take a look at MDI’s video sampler showcasing their air engine expertise in a Tata car design.

Though neat to look at, it does have its downfalls. It is extremely compact, though a few passengers can fit fairly comfortably. It doesn’t go very fast, which is probably best for such a compact, light design. It may be favorable for traveling to close destinations or in congested areas, as it doesn’t have a large range ability. However the safety of such small vehicles running around in crowded streets may raise concern if most other cars are oversized in comparison.

Other wheels being put in motion by air power include a motorcycle that utilizes an air tank and rotary engine to make it run. Called the O2 Pursuit, this air powered bike was designed by an Australian engineering student, Dean Benstead.

Is Air An Alternative?

Image source: o2pursuitdeanbenstead.wordpress.com

Using an existing bike framework and adding a scuba diving air tank and engine, it will go as far as 62 miles and as fast as 87 miles per hour with a full tank of air. This earth-friendly cruiser doesn’t even require a battery, and the air expelled is non-polluting. The lightweight motorcycle can fill up with air in around 2 minutes, and smaller designs like this reportedly fair better than larger-scale air powered items, like cars.

Though it is up for debate whether or not this is something to look into for the masses, air power definitely provides an interesting ride.

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