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Affordable Smart Plugs & LEDs Controlled by Smartphone

Affordable Smart Plugs & LEDs Controlled by Smartphone

Image source: Plugaway.co

If you want to begin turning your house or apartment into a smart home, but you don’t want to have to put down a lot of money on a whole house solution, there’s a new product that can help you get started, plug by plug and bulb by bulb.

The Plugaway system uses affordable smart plugs (about $30 AUD) and smart LED bulbs (about $45 AUD) that can be plugged in wherever you like, between the appliance plug and the outlet, and can be controlled via smartphone. The Plugaway devices connect with your home WiFi network, and can be used to monitor your energy use, to set up schedules for them, or to send alerts to your phone.

Some Practical Examples of using PLUGAWAY:

You’re late for work and running out of the house. With PLUGAWAY you can relax. Why?

* Because with a single tap on your smartphone, you can switch off or on anything you want in your home – by category (such as living room or bedroom) or specifically – like the coffee maker burning that leftover brew in your kitchen!

Or what if you keep receiving those electricity bills that just don’t make sense, or your family restaurant really needs to be more economically efficient?

* Now you can know exactly what is costing you what, by hour or day or month… we’re already started looking at a 3-phase smart plug for those big pizza ovens, if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

Or what if you want to personalise various moods for different occasions like movie night, party time, or even something more personal?

* with PLUGAWAY, you can easily set any theme presets that you want, and by simply tapping that theme, your home will take on your personality.

The Plugaway app is “open”, which means it can be custom branded for developers, custom programmed using services such as If This Then That (IFTTT) (and has the ability to share these program “recipes” with other users), and integrated with other open smart hardware devices you may already own.

Plugaway is currently in a crowdfunding phase with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and backers of the project will be the first to own some of these affordable smart plugs and LEDs.

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