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3D Printing at Home

We’ve written about 3-D printers that can create a house in hours and days, though we haven’t written about 3-D printers for home use. While still in the infant stages, 3-D printing is quickly becoming a trend in the United States and around the globe.

Since these devices are so versatile, just about anybody can start using them with little to no experience or training. You simply connect the printer to your computer download a few programs, insert the construction materials, and have at it.

Even some middle and high schools have begun using 3-D printers in their science classes to promote energy conservation and reusability.

Other enterprising individuals have taken to the e-commerce market and are creating businesses around printing artistic and utilitarian products. It’s definitely an emerging construction field, and one that is expected to take off in the next decade.

Some more controversial practices are the printing of weapons or weapon parts. While most attempts have been unsuccessful, it won’t be long until somebody figures out how to print a fully-operational handgun or assault rifle. Regardless of your views about guns, this is definitely a topic that will be receiving much scrutiny in the months and years to come.

The first generation of 3-D printers were massive devices, suitable only for use in a factory or warehouse setting. However, companies such as Portabee, Printbot Jr., Makerbot, and others are right around the $500-$2,000 range, making it economically feasible for just about anyone to get their hands on one and start creating products.

The best websites to find blueprints and designs for 3-D printing are thingiverse, The Blueprints and Shapeways

3-D printing presents an exciting world with vast and interesting possibilities for all types of green construction and architecture.

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