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Act on Facts to Combat Anti-Wind Myths

Vestas Urges Us to Act on Facts to Combat Anti-Wind Myths

Image source: actonfacts.org

To help inform citizens about the benefits of wind power, while combating anti-wind rhetoric, wind power manufacturer Vestas has launched a new campaign, called Act on Facts, with the aim of channeling public support for wind energy.

“The wind industry is being attacked by media-savvy and politically influential adversaries who often display a brazen disregard for factual information. The “Act on Facts” campaign is our way of fighting back.” – Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President

Part of the campaign features six short and snappy videos, covering various aspects of wind power, such as the belief that wind power reduces property values, that wind turbines cause too many bird fatalities, that they’re too loud for nearby residents, and the huge disparity between the amounts of subsidies for fossil fuels and those for renewable energies.

The campaign also features section with facts about wind energy (separating the wind power myths from the facts), as well as info on over 25 pro-wind initiative for citizens to get involved with.

“This campaign is a crucial part of the industry’s efforts to take back the initiative from the anti-wind movement and share some facts with the Australian people. Wind energy projects that could save up to five million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year are being stalled by scare campaigns and misinformation.” – Miles George, Infigen Energy Managing Director

Act on Facts kicked off June 18th at the University of Melbourne Australia with a live panel discussion consisting of members of academia, environmental groups, policy makers, and developers, and other similar events are planned for the near future.

Learn more at Act on Facts.

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