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A Symphony Played Entirely with Bicycle Sounds

A Symphony Played Entirely with Bicycle Sounds

Image source: vimeo.com/jrandom

When you think about music, and musical compositions, chances are bicycles don’t even enter your mind. After all, hundreds and hundreds of years of musical instrument inventions have given us a huge range of different types of instruments that are now well established and well practiced, and they mostly don’t include our humble two-wheeled cycles. But there’s another type of musical composition that often doesn’t get any attention (except from other composers), which is “found sound”, or music made with the sounds of everyday objects.

Johnnyrandom is an innovative composer that uses everyday items to create musical compositions, and his latest work, “Bespoken“, is played entirely with the sounds that come from one of our favorite green transportation choices, the humble bicycle. Using the tires, the spokes, the brakes, the rims, the saddle, the chainrings and the chain itself, Johnnyrandom’s bicycle symphony transcends “the role of traditional instrumentation as the accepted method for creating beautiful and thought-provoking music.”

In this short video, we get a look at why and how Bespoken came into being:

A preview of the work can be heard below:

And the full work can be purchased at iTunes for just $.99: Bespoken

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