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A Solar Power Station in a Suitcase

A Solar Power Station in a Suitcase

Image source: aspectsolar.com

If you’re looking for a powerful and portable remote power source, the SunSocket Solar Generator might be a worthy choice, as it combines a lightweight and completely self-contained solar panel and battery system with a solar tracker to efficiently harvest energy from the sun’s rays.

Featuring 60W of solar panels that can slide together and fold up to fit in the case, and an internal 250Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) to store the electricity, the SunSocket can provide enough energy to run or charge just about any portable devices, and only takes about 5 hours of direct sun to fully charge.

What really sets the SunSocket apart from some other portable solar power stations is the integration of a tracking mechanism that moves the panels to stay facing the sun throughout the day, which enables a relatively quick charge time.

The SunSocket features 4 USB out ports, a 12V DC out port, and a DC input port for charging the battery without using the panels, giving users plenty of options for both charging the device and using the stored power to charge other devices.

Whether you need an emergency power source, an off-grid power hub, or even just a way to bring power to your next picnic, the SunSocket could be a great asset in many situations.

The entire system weighs in at 25 pounds, and retails for about $1500 from Aspect Solar.

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