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A Smart Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

A Smart Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

Image source: blufitbottle.com

We know that it’s important to our health to drink plenty of water each day, but we also know that our lives tend to be so full and fast-paced that we can forget to stay hydrated. But thanks to a new type of water bottle (and its accompanying smartphone app), it’s about to get a lot easier.

The BluFit bottle, currently in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, promises to keep you healthy and hydrated by connecting your water bottle and your smartphone in order to track your water consumption and alert you when you need to drink more water.

“Our app collects a variety of factors such as weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly how much water you need. Next step, start drinking from your BluFit bottle!

BluFit automatically records the time and amount of water consumed, sends the data straight to your phone and then to the cloud.

The app shows your current hydration level, your goals, and graphs of your historical data so you can ensure your body is consistently operating at peak efficiency.” – BluFit

A Smart Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

Image source: blufitbottle.com

The 32 oz. BluFit Bottle is glass (keeping you safe from any leaching that may happen in plastic bottles) with a protective silicone sleeve, and the sensors and electronics are embedded in the top of it. The bottle also has customizable lights and a speaker to alert you to drink more water, and can be tracked by the smartphone in case it’s been misplaced. The product uses Bluetooth LE to send data to the user’s smartphone, and the app can also be used to input any other water they drink throughout the day that’s not from their BluFit Bottle.

While it may sound like a silly way to stay hydrated, there are plenty of people out there that haven’t developed healthy water-drinking habits, and this high-tech method could be the answer for them to get in the groove with their hydration.

Find out more, or preorder your own BluFit Bottle at the product’s campaign page or the company’s website.

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