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A Smart All in One Solar Solution for Everyone

A Smart All in One Solar Solution for Everyone

Image source: solarliberator.com

Choosing to meet at least some of your power needs with a renewable energy source is high on the list of desirable eco-actions for many of us, but the cost to get started, as well as the somewhat complex nature of installing a solar panel system can be a bit daunting.

After all, not only do you need to understand your power needs, and match them to a right-sized solar array, but you’ve also got to understand about wiring and currents (your household uses AC, whereas solar panels generate DC) and energy storage options. That can be a lot to get into if you just want to access the potential energy from sunshine, without having to get an electrical engineering degree.

However, there is a solution that could take much of the pain of getting started in solar out of the equation, by integrating all of the electronics, the inverter, and a battery, into a single solar panel unit.

“An out-of-the-box solution that makes switching to solar power unbelievably easy with the lowest possible up-front cost.

The grid-tie capable 500W unit can be easily chained in to arrays of any capacity. It is ideal for powering homes, offices or workshops etc.

The 25W and 100W units are designed for extra portability and versatility of use.

Use them in your car, strap it on to your backpack or bike, mount it on your camping tent or as an emergency source of power… the possibilities are endless.

Can be used to power up your gadgets such as phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

Lightweight, can easily be folded away for storage/transport and looks cool!” – Solar Liberator

The Solar Liberator units come in a portable 25W version, a lightweight 100W version and a grid-tie capable 500W version, so no matter what your power needs, you can enter into the solar revolution. In addition to supplying electricity from the sun, the units have a built-in processor that optimizes them for the most efficient power production, and the system status can be monitored via a smartphone app.

Currently in a crowdfunding phase with an Indiegogo campaign, Solar Liberator is offering backers at the $199 level the opportunity to pick up a 100W unit for 30% off the future retail price. Also available are the 25W unit for a $79 pledge, which could be a great way to get portable power, free from the sun.

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