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A Rugged Waterproof Solar Charger: JOOS Orange

A Rugged Waterproof Solar Charger: JOOS Orange

Image source: solarjoos.com

For meeting all of your mobile power needs, nothing beats a portable solar charger, except maybe a portable solar charger with a built-in battery. A standalone solar panel is great when you can plug your device into it and let it sit while charging, but if you want more flexibility, the built-in battery storage allows you to store that solar energy for when you need it, so you don’t have to surrender your device while it’s charging.

For plain-vanilla urban use, there are plenty of good quality portable solar chargers available, but if your lifestyle includes lots outdoor activity around water, you’ll want to take a look at the JOOS Orange solar charger, as it’s built to be tough and rugged, and it’s completely waterproof.

“It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, and reliably delivers power where and when you need it. The JOOS Orange works in real-world light conditions – overcast, in the shade, and even light rain.” – JOOS

The JOOS Orange, which measures 8.5″ x 5.7″ x 0.79″ and weighs in at about 24 oz, includes a high-performance 2.6W solar panel and a replaceable 5,400mAh battery pack, and is said to charge “at least 3.5x faster than any other portable solar charger at the same price.” Putting the Orange for an hour in the direct sun yields about 2 hours of 3G talk time, so this solar charger could earn its keep very quickly for those who tend to drain their phone battery often.

The built-in legs can be adjusted to keep the solar panel oriented to the sun while charging, and its thin size and security features make it easy to transport, attach, and secure while in use.

The 5,400 mAh Li-ion battery pack can charge the average iPhone more than two times on a single charge, and the pack has a rated life of about 1000 cycles before it needs to be replaced. According to JOOS, by adding an optional Power-Boost Reflector Kit, which directs more sun into the panel, charge times can also be improved by up to 40% (bringing the Orange solar cell power rating up to anywhere from 4.0W to 5.2W).

For those who love data and performance metrics, JOOS also offers the myJOOS application, which connects to the Orange and displays the battery charge level and how much solar power is being generated with the device.

The JOOS Orange costs about $150, and includes basic cables and connectors, as well as device adapter tips such as Micro USB, mini USB, female USB, and connectors for LG, Samsung, and iPhone/iPad. Additional cables, adaptors, and tips are also available, as is a neoprene case and the Power-Boost Kit.

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