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A Keyless Smart Bike Lock: LOCK8

A Keyless Smart Bike Lock: LOCK8

Image source: lock8.me

With more and more of us riding our bikes each day, the need inevitably arises for a better bike lock, and one that is not only secure, but that can also help us track down our bike in the event that it does get stolen. And because so many of us also own a smartphone, integrating a high-tech bike lock with a smartphone solution just makes sense.

With the coming of the LOCK8, billed as the “world’s first smart bike lock”, that solution is on its way.

Combining a secure bicycle lock with a keyless system that can not only set off an alarm, but can also notify you if your bike is tampered with, along with a GPS tracking feature, the LOCK8 uses BlueTooth technology to lock and unlock the bike via a smartphone app.

The LOCK8 device gets installed on the bike frame, just forward of the rear wheel, and uses a ‘smart cable’ to secure the bicycle itself. If the smart cable is cut with a bolt cutter, a loud (120dB) alarm sounds, and the device sends a push alert not only to the owner, but to every LOCK8 user in the vicinity. If a grinder, hammer, or power saw is used on the bike, a gyro accelerometer can detect the vibrations and also set off the alarm and notifications. And if a blowtorch or ice spray is used to try to break the lock, a temperature sensor also sets off the alarm and notifications.

A Keyless Smart Bike Lock: LOCK8

Image source: lock8.me

If the bicycle is actually successfully stolen, in spite of the other security features, an integrated GPS chip allows users to track the location of the bike, anywhere in the world, and with any luck, recover it from its new home.

In addition to being a more secure personal bike lock, the device allows for sharing of a bike (via the app), so friends or family can also lock and unlock it to borrow it. This feature (along with the GPS locator feature) might also be a perfect solution for a bike rental business, a bike-sharing service, or community bicycle fleet, as it allows for realtime location data and multiple users, without the need for distributing a physical key.

The LOCK8 smart bike lock is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the launch of their production model, and a pledge of £79 (~$127 USD) or more will net you one of the first of the keyless bike lock systems.

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