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A Computer Kit as Simple as LEGO

A Computer Kit as Simple as LEGO

Image source: kano.me

While it’s not necessary for all of us to know how our computers and gadgets work, teaching our kids about the technology that drives computing, and the coding that makes it all work, could give them a huge advantage in their education and open up a lot of opportunities for them later in life.

To that end, an innovative computer and coding kit can help to give them the tools they need in order to succeed in the coming tech age.

The Kano kit is a DIY computer, powered by Raspberry Pi, that goes together as simple as LEGO and teaches coding and creating with technology.

“99% of the world is designed by and for a tech-literate 1%. That’s a problem, caused by:

  • Closed devices
  • Un-fun, top-down teaching
  • The intimidation factor – “geeks” vs “noobs”

We often draw lines between things: art and science, code and design, STEM and the humanities. It makes “digital literacy” seem like brussels sprouts – good for you, but hard to chew.

It shouldn’t be so hard to get started – to make, play and experiment right out of the box.” – Kano

Kano comes with a Raspberry Pi (Model B), a Kano combo keyboard, a DIY speaker, a custom case, cables, plugs, the Kano operating system, and a set of illustrated guide books with dozens of projects. This little powerhouse is capable of being transformed into a full-blown computer in as little as two minutes.

With the Kano, kids (and adults) can learn to write code, build games, make music and videos, build a wireless server, collaborate and share their projects, and more, as simple as can be.

Right now, Kano is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign that’s just blowing up (the initial goal of $100,000 was quickly surpassed, and is well on its way to the half million dollar mark), and if you can pony up $119 or more, you’ll receive a Kano kit as your reward. The expected ship date for the first units is in July of 2014.

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