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A $15,000 Speaker Orb You Can Relax In

Speakers not only amplify sound but can also intensify the effects of music.

The AudioOrb speaker system is an entirely different way to listen to music that would certainly change the way you hear and feel what is playing.

A $15,000 Speaker Orb You Can Relax In

Image source: indiegogo.com/projects/audioorbs

Users can get up close and personal to the loudspeaker’s components by sitting inside the encasing. There are 18 speakers placed in the interior of the Orb, said to emit a full and impressive audio experience.

A $15,000 Speaker Orb You Can Relax In

Image source: indiegogo.com/projects/audioorbs

The Orb is conceptualized from a design called the Micasa Lab Cocoon. The enclosed space includes speakers instead of the previous design which had storage compartments.

AudioOrb blocks out much of the surrounding noise pollution. The outcome is intended to be relaxing and a new way to experience sound. Also designed for comfort, it is lined with body conforming pillows. Sitting inside is said to be calming and feel a bit like floating.

The project is a joint effort between Pjadad and ST, who has previously designed various speaker concepts, including being noted for coming up with the world’s largest iPhone speaker.

The AudioOrb is an exclusive design, too. The developers stated that there are probably only 2 of the units that will be built to be put up for sale. The price is exclusive, too, as the odd shaped loudspeaker sells for the upscale amount of $15,000 U.S.

It certainly looks interesting, and although the designers say it is built for relaxation, I’m not sure how stress-free I would be inside a speaker with such a weighty price tag.

Possibly any future owners of the strangely shaped sound unit could rent out the musical experience?

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