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97% of Peer-Reviewed Climate Papers Agree on Human-Caused Global Warming

Talking to the average layman, you might think that human-caused climate change is a debatable topic, but when talking to actual climate scientists, there is an overwhelming amount of agreement on it.

A meta-analysis of thousands of climate papers that expressed a position on anthropogenic global warming found that over 97% of them endorsed the theory of human-caused global warming.

That finding runs contrary to public perceptions of climate change, according to lead author John Cook:

“There is a gaping chasm between the actual consensus and the public perception.” – Cook

A poll taken in 2012 by the US Pew Research Center indicated that fewer than half of the Americans surveyed believed that scientists were in agreement about human-caused global warming, and in order to truly move forward with effective policies and strategies, there needs to be some consensus and support from the general public.

“This is significant because when people understand that scientists agree on global warming, they’re more likely to support policies that take action on it.” – Cook

The results of the study, which involved 24 scientists and science enthusiasts analyzing the abstracts of previously published climate papers, culminated in a paper, called “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature”, which is available at IOPScience.

In order to help spread the awareness of the issue, a new website, The Consensus Project has been launched, so head over there to get more informed about human-caused global warming.

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