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Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Industry, though necessary in a modern world, has a big impact on the environment. It takes enormous energy to run places, and yet there are some organizations and workplaces making great efforts to reduce their impact. Great Britain is home to one extremely green hospital. Featured on Real Green TV, University Hospital of South Manchester is the first in the UK to install a large 4 megawatt biomass plant, which greatly decreases their carbon dioxide emissions. Implementing greener ways of doing things is a commitment reportedly taken seriously by staff. The goal is to become carbon neutral, and in addition to… read more

Proud and Protected


Whether home or abroad, it is helpful to visit protected sites as interest and revenue keep them alive. Conservation sites are not there to bar wildlife from everyone around it. They keep the wilderness in the area healthy so species within the site can thrive. In most cases this means protecting species from human threats, including hunters and industrial progression. Those with genuine curiosity and non-threatening intentions shouldn’t feel put off. Not only can you visit these breathtakingly unspoilt areas, there are times when you are encouraged to. Visiting conservation sites benefits them and you. In addition to the knowledge you gain, your visit helps keep the site… read more