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Old Tubs With New Uses

Old Yoghurt Containers

Do you enjoy a nice cup of yogurt? Are you a fan of Greek or other style yogurt? If you answered the two previous questions then we are sure that you probably recycle plenty of yogurt containers per year. What if we told you there is a bunch of ingenious ways to reuse them? Below are a few dandy ways to reuse those containers before just tossing them away. Small yogurt containers make great popsicle molds. Just wash them out and freeze whatever you would like on a hot summer day. You can also freeze the yogurt in them for… read more

Uses for Yogurt Cups

Uses for Yogurt Containers

If you are constantly tossing yogurt containers into the recycling bin, check out the following suggestions for reusing them. After the contents are gone, the clever ideas below are just the beginning of what you can do with yogurt cups. Yogurt cups tend to be fairly durable and most with lids are stackable. They can also be written on with permanent marker for an easy label. Plastic containers like these can be used around the house to hold numerous little things like paperclips, staples and other office supplies. Put them to use in the garage or storage cabinets to hold… read more