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Recycle Containers for Wrapping Gifts


If you’ve given or received a gift, especially with kids or during the holidays, then you’ve probably witnessed the massacre of what was a neatly wrapped token of affection, torn to shreds in anticipation to see the contents inside. Some of us are tidier about opening presents; still the wrapping paper is usually discarded along with the care put into the presentation. Creating reusable containers for gift giving can be fun and save a lot of time and resources. You can use almost any container. A Shoebox or hatbox would work. As would cookie tins, brown bags, and baskets. Even… read more

Let’s Wrap It Up

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

Newspaper: Using old newspapers for wrapping gifts is one of my favorite options. Take use of the colorful section from the newspaper and use it for wrapping. As the colorful parts are glossy, it would be a perfect eco-friendly option for wrapping gifts. Those pages are also brighter and more festive. Fabric: Take use of recycled or recyclable fabric for wrapping. You can easily design your options and wrap your gifts with ease. This art of wrapping gifts is one of the greener methods, because the fabric may be reused multiple times. Old Magazines: Choose only the old magazines that… read more

If Only Packaging Could Imitate Fruit..


Better than any other food, including vegetables, fruit is by nature the embodiment of sound packaging. Imagine the last time you went to a farmer’s market or grocery store – perhaps your own backyard even – and saw fresh apples at their peak. Aesthetically, they command your attention. With bright, shiny coats and a pleasingly simple silhouette. You may, too, be lured in by their light fragrance, a by-product of their elevated sugar levels – letting you know that they are ready to be eaten. The fruit’s peel, and natural wrapper, provides protection but is easy to remove. As a… read more

Japan: All Wrapped Up


In Japan, wrapping is not a mere nicety reserved for gift giving. It is a custom steeped in tradition and remains ever present in Japanese culture as they continue to wrap their bodies in kimonos, their rice in seaweed, and their relics in decorative paper. In Japan, the wrapping of gifts is a heartfelt sign of respect, while wrapping personal items can be seen as a form of spiritual security. Not only does it enclose an item in a decorative exterior, it keeps it separate, safe even, from outside impurities. In this way it preserves an item’s sacredness and keeps it… read more

Dressing Your Gifts

Wrapping paper

As the holidays approach, many will be in a rush to get presents picked out and dressed up. All too often, this includes spending extra money on wrapping paper, plastic bows, and other disposable adornments. Rather than going that familiar route, ditch the wrapping paper altogether. Instead, wrap your presents using unique alternatives that will make your gift all the more memorable. Try donning your gift in the following: An Old Map – it could be an ordinary road map or an antique map. Maybe it is a map of a region your recipient is fond of. For example, use a map of Ireland if your loved one… read more

Going Paperless

Going paperless

The paperless office has long been a pipe dream but in the digital era it’s not only possible, it’s easy. So now is the time to decrease clutter and more importantly the destruction of our forests by going paperless. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to paperlessness: Get rid of post-it-notes (or sticky’s). Use your calendar or note section of your phone or computer to record your notes and reminders. Reduce unnecessary postal mail. Place a “no junk mail” sign on your letterbox. Subscribe to newsletters online, rather than receiving them in the mail. Notify… read more