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Uses For Leftover Wrapping Paper

Uses For Leftover Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is often pretty and shiny, but after the gifts are all open it is left ripped and forgotten. Aside from recycling it, there are actually many other ways to make use of it. For one, it is perfect for packing up ornaments that are fragile or made from glass. Also, it can be shredded for packing items, or used to fill gift baskets. Scraps can be saved up and used for crafting homemade cards, gift tags and stationary. Martha Stewart has 17 suggestions for reusing gift wrap. Ideas like wrapping household items for a decorative touch, using it for… read more

Recycle Containers for Wrapping Gifts


If you’ve given or received a gift, especially with kids or during the holidays, then you’ve probably witnessed the massacre of what was a neatly wrapped token of affection, torn to shreds in anticipation to see the contents inside. Some of us are tidier about opening presents; still the wrapping paper is usually discarded along with the care put into the presentation. Creating reusable containers for gift giving can be fun and save a lot of time and resources. You can use almost any container. A Shoebox or hatbox would work. As would cookie tins, brown bags, and baskets. Even… read more

All Wrapped Up

All wrapped up

I love wrapping gifts. In fact, my Mother and I used to covertly compete when it came to wrapping presents. I even got to a stage where there were layers of paper with a hint of this colour, and a hint of that, on every one of my beautiful wrapped presents. Nowadays, I am way too conscious to be so cavalier with shiny, dyed paper that gets an appreciative glance (or not!) and then off to the bin it goes having experienced a very short life indeed. Now at birthdays and at Christmas I tend to think of creative ways… read more

Wrapped With Love

Natural gift wrapping

As the breath of spring begins to  intoxicate the air, so ,too, does fertility chime from flowering trees and the newly sung lives of hatchlings. With the birth of nature flourishing under the lingering sun, the stage is appropriately set for Mother’s Day, a celebration not only of motherhood, but of life itself – perhaps the ultimate creative expression known to humans. In preparation for this day, we search for subtle ways to make our mothers feel special, and the tokens of our appreciation memorable. Often, this may be done through thoughtful presentation. But choosing quality materials needn’t entail wrapping… read more