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The Earthworm Advantage

The Earthworm Advantage

Forget high-tech machinery and farm implements. Earthworms themselves are the equivalent of countless inventories of agricultural equipment, compliments of Mother Nature. Vermiculture, or worm cultivation, uses sustainable farming techniques and efficient ways of turning waste into benefit, naturally. Worms eat up what we might consider waste, consuming much of what we just scrape off our dinner plates. They aerate the soil and compost waste organically, helping the soil afterwards. This effect is circular of course, since better soil equals healthier plants which lends to more nutritious meals, and so on. This do it yourself video shows simple steps for creating an… read more

Compost Red Wrigglers

Worm Composting

Worm composting (vermicomposting) creates exceptionally good compost in a relatively short time. Vermicomposting at home is far more sustainable than purchasing compost, which requires environmentally harmful plastic packaging and transportation. Vermicomposting typically uses red wigglers, a small, tough, adaptable worm with a big appetite and a rapid reproductive cycle. A pound of red wigglers can chomp through approximately half a pound of food per day, and as the population grows, this rate should increase. The primary advantage of vermicomposting is that the material produed is superior to regular compost (I’ve found that worm compost boosts the yields of fruit and… read more

Try Composting Indoors


Although an item may possess the ability to biodegrade, that does not ensure that it will. It is the environment that will either enable or prevent the bio-degradation of any object. Grapes and corncobs in decent shape have been found in landfills decades after they were thrown out. Whether or not an object is natural, the anaerobic environment of landfills are clearly not suited for the natural breakdown of organic waste. This is what makes composting important not only for the health of your garden, but as a measure of waste reduction. Even if you don’t own a yard, there… read more

Apartment Compost Bins

Bokashi bins

Apartment dwelling has dramatically increased in the past 50 years; however, this convenience should not deter you from the joy of composting! There are many positives to starting a compost bin, one of which is that you will always have a rich source of food for your plants and herbs. Another is that you can prevent your food scraps entering landfill which when broken down releases methane into the atmosphere that is more harmful than CO2 emissions. Bokashi bins are a great way of disposing of food scraps and creating compost in an apartment. The bins sit in your kitchen and… read more