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The Earthworm Advantage

The Earthworm Advantage

Forget high-tech machinery and farm implements.¬†Earthworms themselves are the equivalent of countless inventories of agricultural equipment, compliments of Mother Nature. Vermiculture, or worm cultivation, uses sustainable farming techniques and efficient ways of turning waste into benefit, naturally. Worms eat up what we might consider waste, consuming much of what we just scrape off our dinner plates. They aerate the soil and compost waste organically, helping the soil afterwards. This effect is circular of course, since better soil equals healthier plants which lends to more nutritious meals, and so on. This do it yourself video shows simple steps for creating an… read more

Drawers To Compost Bins


Using an old dresser or chest of drawers, you can easily convert discarded furniture into a compost bin. If you have any scrap wood lingering in the shed, building your own bin may be an other opportunity of equal promise. Ideally, it is best to use drawers with a depth of about eight inches. For composting purposes, drawers are best utilized if¬† converted into a worm bin. When employing worms as a method of composting, drawers make the efforts easier, as they allow you to harvest the garden-ready compost on lower levels, without disturbing the worms who have migrated to… read more