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World Bank Energy Roadmap Focuses on Energy Poverty

World Bank Energy Roadmap Focuses on Energy Poverty

According to a recent report led by the World Bank, 1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity, and 2.8 billion people are still dependent on using wood (or other biomass) for cooking and heating. That’s a staggering statistic, considering how simple, cheap, and accessible energy is in the developed world. But just as lack of wealth, assets, and opportunity keep people in poverty, lack of a viable and affordable energy source keeps people in ‘energy poverty’. “We cannot end extreme poverty without tackling energy poverty. The low access rate in these countries is both a cause and result of… read more

Clean Energy Future?

Are we slowing carbon emissions?

Studies presented late last year highlighted that the United States has been leading the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The notion that the country, and maybe even the world, was well and truly on the path toward a cleaner, efficient energy future, prompted rejoicing in some quarters. Regardless of whether the data presented in these studies is accurate, it is somewhat misleading in a variety of ways. First, even though CO2 emissions from the United States may be lower now than in the past, it is still high. The emission levels were high a few years ago, which is the comparison benchmark, and it… read more