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Reuse Your Old Sweaters

Reuse old Sweaters

Sweaters that will probably never be worn again can be given new roles. Consider upcycling them into functional or wearable new pieces. Things for the home like pillows, blankets and rugs can be made from sweaters. They can also be converted into potholders, baskets and even bags. Additionally, dolls and soft toys can be born from a forgotten sweater. Sweaters that you may not be able to part with, but don’t necessarily want to wear as is, can be made into new clothes. Gloves, hats and scarves can be crafted from sweaters. Many projects can be done that do not even require… read more

Cigarette Butts Get A Makeover

Cigarette Butts Get A Makeover

Eco fashions are available in many varieties and from many materials. However, one source for sustainable design that might seem a little outlandish has been used to make a handful of inventive custom wear. Littered cigarette butts are not the most inspiring source, unless you are Alexandra Guerrero. Mantis, her design company, unusually integrated the discarded butts into a line of haute couture a few years back that doesn’t look anything like what would come out of an ashtray. According to an interview with GreenMuze the idea began with a thesis topic proposal for school. A focus on recycled materials… read more

Hush: A Soft Place to Hide

Hush: a soft place to hide

In a world where we are increasingly more connected and ‘out there’ thanks to social networks, public profiles, CCTV cameras everywhere and advanced phones, what we might really need as a piece of furniture is a place to hide and forget about it all. Created by British designer Freyja Sewell, Hush is a soft cocoon for retreat and finding oneself. Hush is a pod, a warm tiny space, a dark place to unwind and relax in comfort and solitude. Hush is shaped like a womb and it is said to inspire different feelings on different people. It is a soft… read more