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6 Easy Upcycling Projects Using Kitchen Items

6 Easy Upcycling Projects Using Kitchen Items

Organization, storage and other items for the home can be expensive. Making your own can be done for next to nothing, and using things you probably already have on hand in the kitchen. An empty oatmeal box can be turned into an instant holder for items like ribbon, mailing supplies and even items in the garage. Deck it out with fabric or paper and put it to work. It can also decorated and used for kid inspired storage. Why buy a storage container for things like pencils, scissors, art supplies and tools when they can be made from empty cans…. read more

Habitats for Barn Owls


Raptor Works is a program based at Merced High School in California, which takes used crates that once harbored items like fruit or nuts and turns them into wooden homes for Barn Owls. The program was developed by Steve Simmons, a retired shop teacher and volunteer biologist. In this program, students of Merced High School take crates and other packages destined for the landfill, and make homes for Barn Owls. (Though they have also put their skills to use making habitats for other birds, including Bluebirds, Wood Ducks, Screech Owls, and American Kestrel.) Once the materials are up-cycled into homes,… read more