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Reclaimed Wood Revival

Reclaimed Wood Revival

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean giving up quality. Wood furniture and construction materials can be expensive, and turning to reclaimed woods can provide a sturdy, quality design for a lot less. Repurposing and turning salvaged wood into high end pieces cuts waste and assures an original design. Check out the following reclaimed projects for some DIY enticement. Old barn doors are great finds and can be used for many different interior applications. Creating a sliding door with them can open up more space in a room. Clearance for the opening isn’t needed because it just slides back and… read more

Naturally Organized

Naturally Organized

Giving items a place to nest helps keep spaces in order. The following shelves are inspired by the natural design of trees and branches, and they are eye-catching ways to store household objects. These organizational designs can also be replicated with some do it yourself woodworking skill. The library tree branch from woodcraft designer Olivier Dollé is made from birch veneer and oak wood. With a focus on handmade woodworking designs as opposed to commercial productions, this arrangement can be installed in any room for a functional piece that pulls from the outdoors. Booktree by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis offers a… read more

Back To School On A Budget

Back To School On A Budget

The return of school means the onset of shopping for necessities and long days that require organization and durable gear. Get school ready with these do it yourself alternatives to store bought stuff. Backpacks to carry supplies are a must, but retail options are pricey. Also, the bottom portions of many are thin and not sturdy enough so pencils and playgrounds wreak havoc and holes begin to form. If you have leftover fabric or come across a textile sale and can work a sewing machine, try a homemade backpack. Complete with a side drink holder this one lays it all… read more

Coffee Grounds Making Fires Eco Friendly

Friendly Fires

What could be more romantic than a cozy fire? A crackling fireplace has long been embedded in our ideal of a home. The only downside to this woodsy comfort is the numerous pollutants released when the lumber is burned. One of these pollutants is carbon monoxide. Among many things, carbon monoxide can contribute to the development of cancer. It has no odor or color, which makes it hard for people to detect until they have been harmfully affected by it. But for those who still wish to benefit from fire’s warmth and whimsy, there are other ways to go about it…. read more

Making Eco-Minded Music

Eco-Minded Music

A lot of aspects of living are becoming more environmentally focused. One area, though, that may not be as publicized for doing so is the music industry. An original study done in the UK found that around 540,000 tons of greenhouse gasses are released annually from the music trade. When investigating the various sectors involved in bringing music to the masses the analysis found that 43% of this was from viewer travel, 26% was caused from recording and publishing and 23% occurred as the byproduct of live shows. Along with these statistics, the Huffington Post offers 9 captions of example… read more

Forests – Natural Beauties

Natural forests

When was the last time you stood silently in a forest and emersed in the experience? Breathed in deep. Smelled the air. Listened to the sounds that emerged layer upon layer… Did you know that 2011 was International Year of the Forest? It was a time to inspire people to connect with nature, to explore the living world in ways they may not have explored it before. Every year should be year of the forest. Every person deserves the wonder of engaging with natural woodland and bushland and forest environments that live beyond the reach of urban development. Next time… read more

Firewood – Paying the Price

Selling Firewood in Africa

In principle there is absolutely nothing wrong with earning a living from the offerings of our natural environment. After all, the environment is there for human sustenance and enjoyment. That is why it is very important to strike a balance when interacting with nature, we must always strive to give to it as much as we take from it. The protection of the symbiotic relationship we have with the environment is the only way we can ensure that all the beauty that is around us will be there for future generations. In Swaziland, it has become customary for a lot of low income extra-urban… read more