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Swaziland Unplugs

Swaziland unplugs

Communication is a necessary element of human existence. It is arguably the most treasured ability that humans possess, so much so that there are many modes of communication and as much media. One such media is the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Many homes and business entities in and around Swaziland have been using, and still use the telephone to communicate with other persons on a daily basis. The demand for telephones continues to rise, despite the popularity of other media such as email, cellular phone and social websites. In the past, a rise in demand meant… read more

LED Lights Could be Broadband Transmitters


LED lights have made a pretty big splash in lighting tech, as they are bright, long-lasting, and use much less electricity than alternatives, and they may soon also be components used for high-speed internet. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) have been developing a method of using off-the-shelf LED lights to transmit data, which means that in the future, your wireless network could be using the lights in your home. This optical WLAN technology from HHI has reached data rates of up to 800 Mbit/s in their labs, and rates of 500 Mbit/s in real-world installations, using standard… read more

Ditch The Charging Cords

Nexus 4 Charging Dock

A handful of tablet and phone manufacturers today have wireless charging ports that come either pre-packaged with their products, or are available as an accessory purchase. This new charging option, the first iteration being the Touchstone Charging Dock was first popularized with the Palm Pre phone, and also with the HP Touchpad. The Touchstone Dock was an innovative device that solved a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the unnecessary cluttering of charging cords around the house. Secondly, wireless chargers can be faster than the wired traditional. They also act as a dock to stand your phone/tablet up and… read more