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DIY Wireless Electricity Project


We’ve written about wireless electricity in the recent past, and explained how we, and many in the tech industry, believe that the not-too-distant future will be dominated by this technology. Gone will be the days of dealing with rattails of wiring from our PC’s, game systems, lamps, chargers, etc. Instead, wireless induction coils will power our gadgets for a more efficient, eco-friendly transfer of energy. Summer is a time for fun and enjoyment and for families, it’s a time to spend with children and teach them important lessons about life. Consider a garage project with electromagnets, such as this one… read more

Wireless Electricity

Wireless electricity

Say goodbye to annoying charger cables, and welcome the future of electrical charging; wireless energy transfer. This marvel of science and technology was first invented by Nikola Tesla in 1890, with his “World Power” towers that unfortunately didn’t quite match up to his vision of free global electricity. Ultimately, Tesla’s idea laid the foundation and opportunity for modern scientists to perfect his design. The first iteration of these wireless devices is called Inductive Coiling. Not dissimilar to the size and appearance of a mousepad, this coil can transmit wireless electricity to a distance of a few inches. Nothing substantial, but… read more