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Bulk Importation of Booze Causes Concern

South African Wine Industry

South African wines are reknowned the world over. Wine makers particularly of the Western Cape region of South Africa export wines to numerous overseas territories. The way in which wine has been exported over the years is being challenged by the United Kingdom one of the biggest importers of South African wine, on environmental grounds. In past years, wines have primarily been exported by South Africa already bottled. The South African Fruit and Wine Industry Initiative reports that South Africa exports 412 million liters of wine every year, with 10% – 15% of that exported to the UK alone. In… read more

Sustainable Wine

Vineyard, Jennifer Copley

Sustainable and organic are not necessarily the same thing. A wine that is made using organic methods may not meet sustainability requirements. Organic vineyards must be managed without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. However, sustainability requires a systemic approach that goes beyond simply eliminating toxic chemicals. Sustainable wines are developed so that the vineyards can continue producing the same product for generations to come. Therefore, sustainable growing must take into account the environmental, social, and economic impacts of viticulture and favor approaches that do no harm not only in the present but also in the future. This means that sustainable… read more

Eco friendly wine

Green wine

Green wine doesn’t exactly sound very palatable to the average oenophile; however its popularity has grown rapidly around the world. There are many types of ‘Green Wine’ and unless you live in Portugal and are au fait with Vinho Verde (literally green wine) which translates as “young wine” with slight pétillance, ‘green wine’ means that it is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. There are organic wines, biodynamic wines and organically grown grapes. All labelled under the umbrella of ‘green’, yet their meanings are very different. Biodynamic wineries are fast taking a strong hold on viticulture (the science, production and… read more